Exploring new ground.

Way before it was popular, Lebens operated as an organic gourmet restaurant in a small Canadian town that sourced food from local farmers, cooked without refined products, composted all food waste and served wheatgrass to guests unconvinced that the benefits outweighed the gagging taste.The glazed walls were butter colored, the chairs a mish mash of antiques and the napkins were sewn by a dear relative and tie dyed to solve the problems of stains. Global periodicals on creative and inspiring topics were piled on a corner table, toys for kids were in the back room seating area and the tip jar was a local potter’s piggy bank that likened a pale yellow version of Wilbur. Leben means life in both Yiddish and German and in this case life is exploring new ground as it goes on. Lebens is its origin’s possessive form.


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